''Heather's yoga sessions by the beach are a great way for me to get a much needed break for the body and breathing space for the  mind in a busy working week.

Heather's gentle approach helps me to slow down and ground myself. I love the connection to nature and the seasons. The beach is the perfect yoga studio.''


"I’m so glad I found heather and her passion for yoga.

 I have been practising yoga on and off for a few years but I’ve never experienced such a unique and powerful class as Heather’s. I always leave with a sense of feeling content, grounded and connected. Like all the pieces of the puzzle fit into place within myself. Being in nature makes it so special and brings a true sense of calm. Heather guides us through some beautiful postures at a gentle peaceful pace. She is passionate about yoga, nature, body and mind and it really shows in the class. I can’t thank Heather enough.''


''I'm new to Heather's class and she immediately put me at ease and made me feel very welcome. I attended the beach yoga and I couldn't have asked for a more perfect class, the sound of the water, the birds and Heather's wonderful flow made it very special. She was very informative which is great as I love to learn how certain poses help our body. I came away feeling dreamy, content, at peace and relieved of any tension I had prior to coming. A wonderful class, I'm very much looking forward to the next one.''

Lisa Fraser

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