Welcome to Seasonal Yoga on the East Coast!


This exciting method of Yoga practice is similar to Vinyasa Yoga flow and Hatha Yoga combined. A typical class will see your body naturally flow, linking each posture with your breath to rhythmic sounds, whilst opening and activating the bodies meridians. Your body will be gently tuned and aligned to the energies of the season.

From a high energy practice, in the height of summer, to a controlled and focused flow in the dead of winter, each session is designed to align the changing energies of nature and the seasons around us.

You will notice both your physical strength and flexibility improve, offering out balance, harmony and an enhanced sense of well-being. We will focus on yoga postures to activate meridians, helping us to stimulate and unblock the pathways of our body in order to truly balance body, mind and spirit!

Seasonal Yoga suits all levels, regardless of age, fitness, flexibility or gender. There are lots of posture alternatives so you can practice at your own pace.


I look forward to helping you achieve your goals in a gentle and welcoming environment.



Yoga Classes

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