Hi, I’m Heather Thompson a Registered & Certified Seasonal Yoga Teacher. I teach Yoga because yoga changed my life for the better. 

I was born in Glasgow, but grew up in a little place called Bonnyrigg, Midlothian, Scotland. 

I started out as a shy girl! I’ve always been very physical. I gained gymnast medals and, when couldn’t be found, I was climbing trees and sitting in them with my best friend! 

I got into all sorts of trouble as a teenager. I was eager to experiment in anything and everything. I was a little rebel. Between adulting, I still am today! 

My first encounter with yoga was Iyengar Yoga in a local church hall, then, at the age of 15, I felt I had found a great secret and stuck with it for 5 years.

I didn’t like school so I left as soon as I could and gained a Diploma in Beauty Therapy. 

A huge highlight of this took me into a career exploring and flying around the world treating busy stressed First Class passengers with Virgin Atlantic Airways. 

I then went on to run a successful health & beauty business in Marchmont Edinburgh for 5 years. 

I met my partner and husband and we emigrated to Dubai. 

Dubai’s lifestyle fitted us perfectly. We made lots of life long friends and whilst things were good, my husband and I went through a particularly challenging time in our lives.


I attended lots of Yoga classes and I immediately felt the mental and physical benefits of regular practice. 

Missing family and home and for my husband the rain!! ( I know right!) we returned home to Scotland, and as we found our feet again, we moved to East Lothian; seeing the beauty of Scotland’s nature with a renewed pair of eyes! 

The same ongoing challenges dragged on, and at the time I was seeking deeper healing.


I made the journey to a Yoga & Ayurvedic retreat in India in April 2017 and I was amazed by the sense of inner peace and calm I experienced from this.


I realised through digging deep within myself, that I accept myself and all that life has gifted me.


We all have greatness and purpose, just being born!

After a year of study I completed my 200Hour Seasonal Yoga Teacher Training. 

Yoga feels like home to me or in other words, yoga brings me home. 

I love that Yoga can be practiced by anyone, regardless of background, beliefs, age or body shape.


I feel passionate about making Yoga accessible, safe and enjoyable for everyone. As soon as I realised what a profound effect it was having on my life off and on the mat, I knew I wanted to assist people down the same path of self-realisation.

I love sharing my knowledge of yoga, movement, energy moves and wellness which my seasonal yoga classes and therapies bring.

Thank you for reading, and please do not hesitate to get in touch if you’re thinking about relaxing with a deep tissue massage or starting a yoga class with me. I’m always happy to chat things through. 

Peace and Love 

Heather xx

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