Meet Heather from Yoga by the Sea

I have been a Seasonal Yoga Instructor in the East Lothian area since 2019. Using my extensive understanding of traditional yoga postures and with the Traditional Chinese medicine system, I aim to bring balance in mind, body and breath through the simple awareness and alignment with the cycles of nature outside of us and inside us. From encouraging stillness and spinal mobility in winter and high energy heart opening moves in summer, learning how we can use our natural yin and yang energy to flow through life with ease. 

The road of yoga is wonderful — it all starts with the postures and through regular practice you become aware that you have created space where you once were stuck, and you begin to appreciate your body, your health and wellbeing, to love yourself and make peace with who you are. Yoga expands into a beautiful path of self discovery and growth.

I value each and every person who joins my classes and I look forward to supporting you on your own journey of self discovery.

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